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The VAA International Art Exhibition 2021

The VAA International Art Exhibition 2021

Abu Jafar
Gallery Room 3 – Over £2000

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Poppy | £21000 | 125 x 170.5 x 5 cm | Acrylic on canvas

“Poppy” is a field of reflection in many years of experience that explores our inner souls in the art form. It took many years to complete. Most of my work usually takes about 15-20 years and this painting was not that exception. I try to emulate my everyday activity to understanding life and my surroundings, then turn that into an art form using colour and brush on canvas. This painting is the result of that process.

For more information visit https://visual-artists.org/project/abu-jafar/

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Abu Jafar LTD

8 Havelock Road
Kings Langley

Telephone: 07903 378 946
Email: abu@abujafar.com
Website: https://visual-artists.org/project/abu-jafar/

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