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Anna Bosatta / Events / Sun 01 Dec 2013

Winter Concert: "Come in from the Cold!"

Winter Concert: "Come in from the Cold!"

Start the season well by joining us for a candlelit evening of songs and readings which will take us through a journey of experiences: from the coldness and bleakness of the winter into the warmth and celebration of a party, and then into a moment of reflectiveness about the deeper meaning of the season... however you plan to celebrate Christmas we hope this will give you a happy start!

With Kimpton Village Choir, Wheathampstead Community Choir, The Corenno Singers, and local folk and jazz performers.

Mulled Wine and Mince Pies on offer.
Tickets £5, children free

Event Location

Kimpton Church

Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul
Church Lane

Telephone: 07796 342 620

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