Freelance Musician: double bass and bass guitar

Active in orchestral Classical Music, and in small and big Jazz Bands, Chris also has experience of playing in Folk, Country, and original and covers pop / rock bands.

Chris is based in St Albans. Double bass is favoured.

Local projects featuring competent and literate musicians may well attract; crossover / fusion projects that blur the lines between Jazz, Folk, and Classical are of particular interest.

Regular gigs include the St Albans Jazz Quartet (SAJQ - that plays at the Farmers' Market), and 'Treble Clef' a similar small Jazz band. Chris is looking forward to playing in the St Albans Symphony Orchestra.

Chris will have done about 50 gigs in 2018, and looks to increase that number in future.

My Location

St Albans

St Albans

Telephone: 07563 300 668

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