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Creative Friends is a UK social network for creative people, providing a central place where creatives can interact, display their products and services, and connect with other creatives. It’s primary focus is social. Many creatives feel isolated, or perhaps have fewer creative friends than they would like. The website provides for making new connections, and discovering who else is in their area. Plus it has a simple search facility which makes it easy to find other types of creatives, which is especially useful when it comes to collaborating on projects!

Creative Friends is the fevered brainchild of music composer and producer Clifford White.

Tired of the endless search for true creatives to connect with, in the early 2000's Clifford launched Creative Herts, a Hertfordshire centric social network that gained popularity on Facebook and LinkedIn, with a spin-off video series on YouTube.

Creative Friends takes the concept one step further, with an expanded national focus, providing a fun, friendly and wholly useful social networking platform for all creatives based in the UK.

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