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Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2021

Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2021

Next week the annual Creative Bureaucracy Festival will begin.

‘This year we will take a close look at the concept of "Humble Government", which our friends in Finland have been working on. We want to collectively analyse and discuss what makes this approach so promising and compelling, as well as getting to the bottom of the question of how we can promote a culture within the public sector in which experimentation, trial and error and perhaps even failure become the norm?

In contrast to conventional policymaking, which works on the basis of inflexible policies and reaching a consensus to achieve goals, "Humble Government" embraces the unpredictable and complex world and accepts the fallibility of administration. Knowing in advance how solutions will play out in the real world is not possible. Instead, the approach recommends continuous reviews and ongoing testing of options in the contexts in which they are to be implemented, as well as a "thin consensus" to start addressing solutions.

Agile ways of thinking and working, actively involving citizens in decision-making and picking up on unheard voices.

Together we are driving the shift from a "no, because" culture to a "yes, if" culture’

13-17th September 2021 Free and Online

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