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In 1986 Henry Moore created his largest and his last, monumental sculpture. Only two bronzes were cast, one for the City of Guernica, and the other for the artist's foundation in Perry Green. Still at the Morris Singer foundry at the time of Moore's death, the bronze surfaces were not patinated.

In 2011, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Moore's death, Large Figure in a Shelter was fully restored and patinated for the first time, using Moore's own techniques. This unique film documents that process.

Without question we were ecstatic to work with such a prestigious organisation such as the HMF. It was a fantastic project for us to be involved with and we relished each visit to the Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green. As far as working environments go, it does not get much better, shooting in the beautiful gardens surrounded by a vast collection of some of the worlds greatest sculptures. Total peace and quiet…….well most of the time. It was fascinating working alongside James Copper (the Foundation conservator) watching the restoration process unfold over the weeks. James initially grinds away (very gently) the top surface of the sculpture, delicately removing the damaged patina and over a period of time applying the new one, using a secret cocktail of chemicals and pure craftsmanship. Luckily we were there to witness the unveiling of the restored piece which was truly breathtaking. It was an assignment that we will never forget!

“In 2011 Film Infinity documented one of the most ambitious conservation projects even undertaken on a work by Henry Moore. Large Figure in a Shelter was Moore’s last and largest sculpture and required complete surface sanding and repatination. The filming necessitated a number of visits over several weeks to ensure that each stage of the process was recorded. The result is probably the most useful educational film on bronze sculpture restoration ever made and provides a unique insight into the techniques passed down by Moore’s own assistants and still in use today.”
Anita Feldman, Head of Collections and Exhibitions, Henry Moore Foundation

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