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Invest in dreams, not numbers!

Lucent's Brand Strategist asked us to create an engaging and compelling animated explainer that was to be the focal point of a new website. What stood out for us was their approach – investing in dreams, not numbers!

Working seamlessly with their brand strategist, we took their script and came up with a concept idea that they loved; bringing the founding members to life with 100% hand-crafted illustrations, animated into this delightful 2D animation for their website and social network. Lucent Financial Planning love their new animation.

The finished product “really brought the company’s personality and ethos to life”, to help ambitious business leaders and their families make better financial decisions about the future.

For more information visit https://www.hartinmedia.com/portfolio-items/invest-in-dreams-not-numbers/?portfolioCats=120%2C222

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