Jo's practice explores tangible expressions of sentences suppressed or left unsaid, conversations not heard and voices yet to be spoken. A study in unresolved communications. Her media of choice is antiquarian books that become the basis of sculptural outcomes.

Jo also explores communication through her Creative Facilitation, specializing in working with young people with Special Educational Needs. Her priority is to enable personal expression and as much independent choice as possible.

She employs a wide variety of skills including stop motion and digital animation, photography, mark making and creative journalling.

Her child led approach prefers not to define a project without initial consultation with the school and the pupils to afford a greater level of ownership for all involved.

Jo has been a creative practitioner for the Royal Opera House as part of their Creative Partnership programme.

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St Albans

39 St Vincent Drive

Telephone: 07884 438 671

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Artist, Other, Visual Arts

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RE-EMERGENCE - Exhibition featuring Jo Howe and Caroline Lumb / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2021-09-09T00:00:00Z">Thu 09 Sep 2021</span>RE-EMERGENCE - Exhibition featuring Jo Howe and Caroline Lumb / Thu 09 Sep 2021

RE-EMERGENCE - Exhibition featuring Jo Howe and Caroline Lumb 9 September - 31 October 2021 The Gallery at Parndon Mill Parndon Mill Lane Harlow...

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Paper, Scissors, Stone - Taking paper beyond / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2015-02-26T00:00:00Z">Thu 26 Feb</span> to <span  itemprop="endDate" content="2015-04-06T00:00:00Z">Mon 06 Apr 2015</span> <span>(1 month)</span>Paper, Scissors, Stone - Taking paper beyond / Thu 26 Feb to Mon 06 Apr 2015 (1 month)

With very different yet complementary styles of work, a constant theme for all four artists is the re-shaping of paper, narrative and meaning. Books, ...