Judith Menges - Glass Art Design / Events / Tue 23 Feb to Thu 30 Dec 2021 (10 months)

Judith Menges - Glass Art Designs

Judith Menges - Glass Art Designs

Visit my Gallery online or make an appointment to visit the glass Studio in person
On-line Gallery: Website: https://www.transparentimages.com Email: Judi@transparentimages.com
Cast Glass Sculpture: Clear Cast Glass Foot / Black Cast Glass Base with a footprint embedded into it. P.O.A.
Kiln Formed Glass Art: Wall Art, Triptychs & large Gemstone inspired Bowls
Commissions undertaken: Please call and/or visit Judith's Glass Studio
To visit the Glass Studio in Harpenden: Email: Judi@transparentimages.com or call 44+ 7903 211410

Unique, one-off cast Glass sculptures and Kiln formed glass art:
1. New 2021 - a. Cast Glass Sculpture of a foot - b. Cast Black glass Base with its foot print embedded into it.
2. Kiln Formed Glass: 6 different series: made as Wall Art, Triptychs or Large Bowls. Your choice of design &
The Planets, Moons & Nebulae's in our Galaxy: Images inspired by NASA discoveries
The Seven Natural Elements & Periodic Table of Elements made as glass wall art. Purchase a set or one panel.
Gemstones, Birthstones, Anniversary Stones: Made as Personalised art for your home or as a gift.
Botanical Glass Art: Wall Art, Triptychs and large Bowls (orchids, Roses, Lilies,
Medical Art; Sci-Art these images look like Abstract Art, Realistic Art & others Conceptual Art.
(Not shown on Website but can be commissioned)

For more information visit https://www.transparentimages.com/

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Judith Menges - Glass Art Designs

21 Stewart Road, Harpenden AL5 4QE

Telephone: 01582 460 904
Email: judi@transparentimages.com
Website: https://www.transparentimages.com/

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