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Triumph Jumping, oil on canvas

Triumph Jumping, oil on canvas

Oil on Canvas painting 120cmx 45cm.

Creating is a compulsion; it’s in my very essence. As a young child I would practice my drawing skills using my mum’s ruby red lipstick on the magnolia walls of our council home. I never really planed to become an artist if anything I was strongly guided away from such ideas for my own safety, however the fates were not so easy to per-sway and so, after a sequence of unforeseen events I found my path to an alternative world where rules were broken and boundaries pushed.

Over the recent years my work has become focused upon the mystery and illusion of reality, the scientific ideologies/laws that underpin our understanding of space and time and the forces which interfere in our daily lives.

I am fascinated specifically with time/space theories as this phenomenon effects us all yet we as a advanced race have little or no-idea us to what and how time actually works.

As such I am always interested in new ideas regarding this matter and would be happy to hear from anyone with time related ideas/explanations

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