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Commercial/Narration Voiceover Online Zoom Group lesson

Commercial/Narration Voiceover Online Zoom Group lesson

Message from Michelle Michaels:

What to expect in my lessons

“In my classes, I teach you my own techniques and methods that you can use to analyse any commercial or narration script. I have developed my own approach to teaching voiceover from years of experience as a Creative Producer, Actress and Voice Actress. I teach students not just to be announcers, but also how to bring acting into their performance, whatever the student’s level. I also help you to identify your vocal qualities, your brand and the type of voiceover work you could do. My job is to work on identifying where you can improve and giving you feedback so that you can compete in the voiceover industry, or increase your competitive edge. I am an experienced creative producer and voice director, so you will gain experience of being directed live, while you perform. This will help you feel more comfortable with performing under pressure. It is important to have this experience when working with high end clients, who will often wish to direct you in a live session.

You will also receive 1000 potential client contacts to help get you started looking for work.
If you take several lessons we can work on developing your vocal styles and making your performance more dynamic and authentic. Developing your vocal styles is very important to do before recording a voice over demo.

My classes aim to prepare you for the demands and challenges of the industry to give you the best chance to succeed. You will not get this type of comprehensive and bespoke training from Youtube videos. You can only get this type of training from an experienced creative producer, casting director, actress and voice actress, like myself, who is passionate about their subject and is committed to delivering bespoke training that meets your individual needs, and prepares you to compete in the industry.”

Michelle has more than 6 years’ experience as a Creative Produver, Actress, Voice Actress, Teacher and Lawyer. She has worked with high quality national and international clients including: CARLSBERG, UBER, TOYOTA, VIRGIN, LAND ROVER, NICE, EARNEST YOUNG, HMRC, UK GOV, BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS PLC, LLOYD’S OF LONDON, ETON COLLEGE and many others. She won the Communicator Excellence Award for her voice acting. She won the Communicator Excellence Award for her voice acting.

She studied acting at ArtsEd, The Actors Centre and City Academy in London. She was recently awarded The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts Scholarship for continuing professional development in Washington, America.

She provides direct voiceover training in private one to one sessions and in small groups. Normally, private one to one sessions are online. Small group sessions are online or in a professional recording studio in London or within about 1 hour of London by train.

Commercial and narration voiceover training

Benefits of the lessons:

see if a voice over career is for you or build on your existing skills as a voice actor or voice over artist. learn how to analyse different types of commercial, corporate and narration scripts.
work on audition technique and extending your range practice scripts you wish to prepare for a voice demo receive personal feedback on how to improve help identifying your vocal qualities and the type of voiceover work you could do.
receive free access to a unique database of 1000 potential voiceover clients.
tips on how to find voiceover work and on the VO casting process. Rates and buyout.

For more information visit https://michellemichaelstalent.com/

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