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Raising Agents 2pm

Raising Agents 2pm

Bunnington WI is a bit down-at-heel.
Dwindling membership means they can barely afford the hall, let alone a decent speaker. So when a PR guru becomes a member, the women are glad of new blood.
The milk of WI kindness begins to sour when she re-brands them the Bunnington Bunnies. They’re hopping.

With stakes higher than a five tiered cake stand, a battle ensues for the very soul of Bunnington, perhaps the WI itself!

On the threshold of one century into the next, this tale of hobbyists and lobbyists asks how much we should know our past or how much we should let go of it.

Above all else, like the WI itself, Raising Agents is a story of friendship.

For more information visit https://www.mikron.org.uk/tour-dates-detail?show=2022-10-16-croft-house-community-centre&c=set

Event Location

Croft House Community Centre

Jackroyd Lane, Upper Hopton, Mirfield
WF14 8HS

Telephone: 01484 843 701
Email: admin@mikron.org.uk
Website: https://www.mikron.org.uk/tour-dates-detail?show=2022-10-16-croft-house-community-centre&c=set

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