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Places - Exhibition at North Herts Museum

Places - Exhibition at North Herts Museum

Our museum is filled with stuff. Pots, images, costumes, paintings, skeletons, bottles, dolls… anything that tells the story of people. But those people lived somewhere and that somewhere is, mostly, North Hertfordshire, a place that is outside the museum.

So, our stuff tells us not just about people: it also tells use about places. We can’t bring those places into the museum, but they are as important to our local story as the things that people used in the past.

This small exhibition tries to show the great variety of places in North Hertfordshire that create its character and are part of its rich heritage. They range in date from the Neolithic (4000-2000 BC) to the twentieth century (1914-15) and in location from the south of the district (Knebworth) to the northeast (Royston).

This exhibition is in The Arches, part of the Terrace Gallery.

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