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PETITION: Save Lowewood Museum

PETITION: Save Lowewood Museum

Please support our petition to keep Lowewood Museum open:


The Broxboune Borough Council are proposing to close the Borough Museum at Lowewood, High Street Hoddesdon at the end of June 2020 citing financial difficulties and the breakdown of the staffing and running agreement with the Museum Service of nearby Epping Forest District Council who have provided this service for the past seven years.

If the Museum closes the Council will have to contact hundreds of people who have donated items to the Museum over a period of 37 years in order that items can be returned. Anything else will have to be removed to other facilities outside the Borough, assuming places can be found. This will involve a great deal of time and money which could have been spent keeping the Museum open.

The Museum collection runs into thousands of artefacts and images covering Waltham Cross, Theobalds Park, Cheshunt, Hammond Street, Goffs Oak, Turnford, Wormley, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon, Rye Park and Rye House. Many of these items are unique to the Borough and have no relevance anywhere else. If we lose this precious heritage as a result of closure it will not be possible to get it back and it will not be there for those who come after us. Broxbourne Borough Council are the custodians of this heritage and they have a duty to protect it and ensure that it will be there for generations to come. Please support us in our campaign to keep Lowewood Museum open by signing up to this petition.

Thank you.

For more information visit https://www.change.org/p/broxbourne-borough-council-save-lowewood-museum-hoddesdon-from-closure-at-the-end-of-june-2020

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