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Making collographs is much like making collages. Plates are simple and inexpensive to produce, offering the potential for strong, dramatic, expressive and sophisticated imagery. Materials of various textures can be assembled, glued onto the support card and then inked in the many and varied methods printmakers use to ink t heir plates

This one-day retreat in an idyllic, rural studio that has views of passing canal barges, horses grazing in the surrounding fields and mists rolling up from the canal will provide you with the opportunity to relax away from the noises and stress of contemporary life. Help yourself to some well-being and allow your creative senses to flow.

The day will run from 10am - 3.30pm and a home-made lunch and beverages will be provided. Please contact me for further information and dates.

Cost £70 per day. A deposit of £20 will be paid on booking and cancellation must be made more than a week in advance

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Canal Bank Studio

Canal Bank Farm
Watery Lane
HP23 4LY

Telephone: 07821 177 685

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