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Eco-Printing Courses

Eco-Printing Courses

Leaves, petals, heat and water - with these simple ingredients I have begun to make beautiful images and that connect with the natural world around me. I have ended up with unique eco-prints that reflect the land around me as well as the choices of my own hands and eyes. Along the way I have learned trust, acceptance and perseverance. I have come to learn the names of many local plants both cultivated and wild, and I now pay much more attention to how they change through the seasons.

Eco-printing is an easy and satisfying way to explore plant dyes and the eco-print technique. If you are interested in learning more of this wonderful natural artistic pursuit then I am planning to run courses at my studio in rural Hertfordshire as soon as we all feel free to mix and work together. Please contact me by email or mobile if you wish to discuss attending an Eco-Printing Course.

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Canal Bank Studio

Watery Lane, Marsworth
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