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Chaos Dancing Cosmos by artist Rosana Antolí

Chaos Dancing Cosmos by artist Rosana Antolí

Chaos Dancing Cosmos by artist Rosana Antolí will be displayed in the Assembly Room for six weeks. This stunning art installation is curated by UH Arts in partnership with St Albans Museum + Gallery
15 Jan - 06 Mar 2022

Using around 2 km of rubber and copper piping, the remarkable installation pervades the space like a pulsating three-dimensional drawing. Small motors bestow movement upon the static rubber tubing creating a human characteristic to an inanimate object. The installation is part of Antoli’s continuous investigation around the concept of repetition and the ‘infinite loop’.

Rosana Antolí’s practice examines the role of social choreography and movement in relation to visual art. She works across drawing, sculpture, video and performance to interact with and observe our movements, creating patterns out of ordinary human actions.

Chaos Dancing Cosmos was first exhibited in Barcelona, Spain in 2016 and has since toured to various and vastly differing locations across Europe. The installation is made site-specifically to each venue, and will now respond to the architectural characteristics of the Assembly Room. Antolí has added a new material – copper – to the installation, to juxtapose with the black rubber and to respond to the Assembly Room’s elegant and historic features.

UH Arts has had a longstanding and successful partnership with St Albans Museums, providing 20 years of exhibition curation expertise to create innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions that respond to the unique building and its collections. We are delighted to introduce such a visually striking and responsive site-specific installation to the museum and gallery and to our audiences.

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