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The English Tea Ceremony

The English Tea Ceremony

Temporary Contemporary are pleased to be able to support this project in Queensgate Market on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 December 2019.

Local artist, Dave Helm, in conjunction with arts & health charity
HOOT Creative Arts, are inviting people to share their memories, or just
enjoy a lovely cuppa (it’s free!) and contribute to an art book
celebrating life experiences which are normally taken for granted.

Visit The Demonstration Zone at Queensgate Market - more information at www.creativekirklees.com/hoot-creative-arts/englishteaceremony

For more information visit http://www.creativekirklees.com/hoot-creative-arts/englishteaceremony

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Demonstration Zone

Queensgate Market

Website: http://www.creativekirklees.com/hoot-creative-arts/englishteaceremony

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