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Sketchbooks - A learning practice

Sketchbooks - A learning practice

As an artist, it can be so tempting to buy a large canvas on a whim, with the promise to create something magical with it. But so often those canvases remain in a corner of the room, sometimes untouched for months or even years that follow.

This is why a sketchbook is such a great idea. By using much smaller surface areas to paint on and by restricting time to short bursts, somehow the procrastination of creating a large masterpiece has gone. In its place is a quiet flurry of unedited, artistic out-pouring. Small, magical bursts of thoughts and ideas fill up the pages and take creativity in new directions.

This little painting is week one into my sketch booking journey at The Little Arts Workshop in Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire. Tomorrow evening is session two. Is it wrong to feel giddy with excitement at the idea of filling one page of an A6 size booklet with watercolours, ink and absolutely no plan in mind? Actually, it sounds a bit like heaven to me. How does it sound to you?

Gabrielle Vickery

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