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The Gallery at Parndon Mill / Events / Fri 13 May to Sun 19 Jun 2022 (1 month)



This exhibition presents photographs by Lynne Blount and Sylvie Gummery taken at Perry Green over many months, with the kind permission of the Henry Moore Foundation. They appear to be abstract images, but are a celebration of the sculptor's genius as well as being an art form in their own right.

These limited edition prints, are unique, and impossible to reproduce. They are created using multiple exposures. This involves laying one photograph on top of another in-camera whilst varying many settings in between each exposure. This creates the intensity of colour and the depth to the textures. To ensure the brightness and colour were correctly rendered, aluminium was chosen as the medium to print on rather than the more usual fine art paper. Aluminium has the added bonus of being light and pictures can be hung outside in a covered area.

In this exhibition the photographs are complemented by stone carved sculptures by James Copper who has worked with the Moore Foundation for many years.

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