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Big Knit, Big Community: The Rainbow Big Knit Challenge

Big Knit, Big Community: The Rainbow Big Knit Challenge

For Big Knit 2021 we are asking everyone in Kirklees to knit squares for an impressive rainbow yarn bomb of the pillars of Huddersfield train station, and funding and knitting permitting, other stations across Kirklees.

To be able to do this, we need around 2500 squares. With so much to cover we’re going to need a knitting and crocheting army!

We want as many people as possible across Kirklees to get involved and make a square. You can take part as an individual, group, school, staff team, family and take up the knitting challenge!

Here's a link to the Big Rainbow Knit page where you can watch videos, download patterns and sign up for further updates:
www. woveninkirklees.co.uk/get-involved/the-big- rainbow-knit

Whilst restrictions are in place, we are asking squares to be sent to:
Big Knit,
Queensgate Market, 1st floor office,
Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield

For more information visit https://woveninkirklees.co.uk/get-involved/the-big-rainbow-knit/

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