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Amanartis at the Palace Presents 100 views of Watford

Amanartis at the Palace Presents 100 views of Watford

This February, Amanartis launches a new partnership with the Watford Palace Theatre, bringing together the originality and creativity of Watfords first independent artist studio to a venue that is at the heart of Watford.


As a resident of Watford for the past twenty years, Fran's work has been heavily influenced by the town and her desire to interpret its built environment in a way accessible to everyone.

The works are centred on the "spaces of the everyday", challenging our tendency to overlook the beauty in the familiar.

Inspired by the works of Japanese printmaker Hiroshige and the American "Pop" artist Andy Warhol, the works on display draw on the ultrastructured compositions and restricted palette of the screen printing and woodblock processes.

A celebration of the visual environment, Fran’s work invites us to experience these spaces in a new way, rediscovering the beauty in the banal.

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Watford Palace Theatre

20 Clarendon Rd, Watford
WD17 1JZ

Telephone: 07968 783 760

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