Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020


Celebrate, Share and Explore Hertfordshire’s arts, culture and heritage

Also known as HYOC2020, Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020 is a year to showcase Hertfordshire as a county of creative and cultural opportunity.

Five broad objectives have been identified to support the year:

1. Celebrate, share and explore Hertfordshire’s arts, culture and heritage

2. Enable access and participation in arts, culture and heritage for new audience

3. Increase wellbeing and a sense of belonging through arts, culture and heritage

4. Showcasing pathways to education, employability and enterprise in the creative and cultural industries in Hertfordshire

5. Create new partnerships and new work through skill sharing and new ways of working together

What you will see in 2020

  1. A collaborative, high profile promotional campaign for existing cultural activity across Hertfordshire
  2. 12 themed months, with core activity co-ordinated by a lead agency
  3. Key dates to draw together delivery partners countywide
  4. ‘Special Experiences’ added to both current opportunities and new activities
  5. New partnerships and skill sharing between organisations and practitioners, creating new activity locally.

Who can get involved in HYOC2020?

Anyone! We want as many people and organisations as possible to get behind this campaign to help Hertfordshire residents find new cultural opportunities. You could be a Parish or Town Council, leisure provider, lunch club leader, arts venue, dance group leader, music teacher, University of Third Age group (U3A), Rotary Club, group of mums, or just a group of friends. You could be someone who runs a group that has no link to arts, culture or heritage, but would like to encourage your group to try new activities throughout the year. Or you may be someone who provides creative and cultural opportunities who can promote what you offer under the HYOC2020 umbrella to encourage new people to join your activity. 

Who do I contact for more information?

If you would like to get involved, please contact the Project Co-ordinator Liz Gore on 020 8207 7801 or by email at liz.gore@hertsmere.gov.uk.