About www.CreativeHertfordshire.com

www.CreativeHertfordshire.com is an online network for creative businesses, individuals and organisations across Hertfordshire.

It is a free online resource that allows anyone within the creative business and arts community in Hertfordshire to showcase work, share latest news, events and projects, and network with others. It provides a one-stop-shop for businesses and consumers to find out about who is working creatively in the county, what is happening and where to go. It is designed to encourage interactivity and networking and to help businesses and customers find one another and work together.

Register with the site

If you're a creative of any kind, be it an artist, producer, creative organisation, creative business or venue, you can create a profile page and showcase your work to others in Hertfordshire and beyond. There is absolutely no cost to do this. Simply click here to register and begin creating your profile.

Of course you don't have to publish content to the site to join. You can still post comments, rate content and interact with the creative community here, or even share a profile you like with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Receive newsletter updates

To get updates from the site without joining you can simply sign up for our newsletter, packed with the best creative content each week.

Key features of www.creativehertfordshire.com

Here are a few key features of the site available to users:

Directory – profile pages for artists, organisations, creative individuals, businesses or venues, listed in a dynamic, searchable directory covering the whole of the Arts & Creative business community, from artists to festivals, web designers, poets, musicians, galleries, architects and theatre companies to name a few.

News – each profile page can add news, events, space listings and opportunities to the site, which are fed directly to users via the website and the newsletter.

Events – a dynamic events listings area of the site allows users to easily find events matching their individual areas of interest and location. Try clicking 'map view' to see the results on a map, or search by postcode to find events near you!

Spaces – an area dedicated to creative space listings, whether that be studio space, commercial or community venues, galleries, theatre or creative making space.

Opportunities – jobs, voluntary opportunities, training, project opportunities and commissions, all posted directly by the Arts & Creative community.

Uploads - fast and high quality video and audio streaming all the images, videos and audio files uploaded by users can be found under the media section. You can add content from both Vimeo and YouTube.

Social media integration – one click to share content to social media channels pushing more customers towards the site and its users.

Newsletter – each week the latest postings to the site will be compiled into a newsletter for registered users of the site. Make sure to click 'receive newsletter' in your account settings to make sure you're signed up! The Creative Hertfordshire newsletter aims to provide a snapshot of the arts activities taking place around the county in the coming week/s. Items are selected that best represent the range of art form and location of activities that are taking place. Due to the volume of activity week to week and as Creative Hertfordshire is free to use and open access, we are unable to take requests for particular items to be highlighted in the newsletter.

Map view - your events and spaces will be displayed on a Google map. The views system also enables RSS feeds against any website content.

On site analytics - you can see how many views your profile is generating for each media item you post.

All of the above functionality is available in a mobile version of the site, featuring GPS-enabled map view functionality so users can quickly find your events and spaces near them.