Amma Gyan

Amma Gyan / Events / Sat 05 Jun to Tue 31 Aug 2021 (3 months)



As we rise up out of the depths of places and emotions unknown and unfamiliar, we are awoken to the new.
Long cold dark days and bitter cold nights produce deep work, the kind of work that can only be achieved through hardship, commitment and pain.

Emotional pain and suffering awakens the senses stirs the soul and births new.

New life is what we are being brought into, the chance to see ourselves in an unfamiliar way, what we can achieve when asked the question - how much do you want this?

Awaken is a journey of passion, commitment and thanks.
Experience the emotions that are stirred when faced with no plan B, accept the journey that comes with love and embrace the knowing of having arrived.

Taken from real, imaginative and religious themes, John uses oil on canvas to capture the essence of his subjects. Driven by emotional authenticity he likes to go beyond the surface of what is presented to connect with the real person behind the face. His art expresses the emotional authenticity of his subjects.

He paints in a variety of sizes but prefers larger canvases up to 5ft as the larger scale adds to the emotional impact.

Event Location

Amanartis Studios

The Chapel
Vicarage Road Cemetery
Vicarage Road
WD18 0EJ
WD24 5AS

Telephone: 07968 783 760

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