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Little Lady bag by Amma Gyan

Little Lady bag by Amma Gyan

Little lady is the younger sister of the 'Lady Plum bag' that I first designed in 2008. However she became so popular that I decided to send her older sister on a break and leave her to do all the hard work.

The idea was to design the perfect day bag for work and play. Something that would age well and pretty much go with anything.

This was the first time that I came across 'Canada' leather. It was perfect due to the way in which is aged. I've pretty much used it ever since.

I use this bag myself and have to say that I've received just as many comments since it's been used an battered as when it was new.

It has a shinny finish which is done by waxing, (it doesn't feel waxy to touch just soft) however this slowly wears away over time and depending on usage.

The lining is an embossed vintage style upholstery fabric which adds strength and durability to the bag but is still very light.

The style was inspired by my love of the detail illustrated in art nouveau design.
The emphasis on borders and corners was something that I wanted to incorporate.

For functionality she also includes three internal pockets for handy organising, large enough for your mobile phone, small change purse, mirror etc.

Other colours available please email me for details.

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Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 9 cm

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