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Ancient Idols The Pickering Collection

I am an amateur artist, living in Letchworth. I have no formal artistic training beyond an "E" at A Level [1972], but I've always enjoyed making things. Over the years I've drawn, made puppets, masks and sculpts, all for my own amusement, with the occasional commission.

Recently I rediscovered H. P. Lovecraft, and decided to do some sculptures based on characters and situations in his fiction. I have no kiln, so make an original, then make a latex mould. I make the items as spoof ancient "artefacts" for Lovecraft fans [mainly] to buy for decoration or in creating gaming scenarios. To give some unity, I group them together in what I call "The Pickering Collection" of Lovecraft's fictional Miskatonic University. Each sculpt comes with a museum COA and accession number.

I have several interests, both artistic and scientific. Currently, I am studying mesoamerican art, finding inspiration for new sculpts.

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