Hi, I’m Bex, the Rivertech Community Manager. I love organising events and attending gatherings and celebrations. We can learn so much from engaging and interacting with each other and that’s why Wimbletech CIC and all of its spaces appeal to me so much. I’m based in Hertfordshire and take pride in running one of the larger sites in the CIC Network – I look forward to showing you around Rivertech + welcoming you to the Community.

View my website https://wimbletech.com/co-working-hub/rivertech/

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46 High Street

Telephone: 07881 303 714
Email: bex@wimbetech.com
Website: https://wimbletech.com/co-working-hub/rivertech/

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RiverTech, situated in the William Penn building, is your home from home in Herts! Home to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and smal...