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I trained as a pilot at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell flying jets and qualified as captain on Wessex 2 search and rescue helicopters in the Gulf. However, my professional future was destined to be very firmly back on the ground...

In 1976 a chance introduction to Julie Andrews' husband film producer Blake Edwards really kicked off my interest in photography after he invited me onto the set of the Peter Sellers' now classic film 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' at Shepperton Studios. Stills photographer David Farrell further fired my enthusiasm when, during a break in filming, I was offered a short photo shoot with leading fashion model and 'Bond girl' actress Maud Adams and from that moment on art and photography have played a major part in my life.

Living in Devon in the beautiful south-west corner of England I have now retired from commercial shooting and am able to pursue my creative interests by producing impactual and often digitally manipulated images which are for sale in Limited editions.

In the past few years, I have also been enjoying some success by creating small sculptural assemblage and collage pieces. These usually employ vintage found and forgotten objects from the Victorian and early 20th Century periods to which I have been able to give new life and meaning. I get huge joy out of creating these one-off, whimsical pieces which seem to be most popular with American buyers.

For my manipulated images I usually shoot basic high resolution photographs, remove unwanted and otherwise distracting elements and then add various textures and more ‘appropriate’ elements to achieve simple but highly visual artworks. I only offer small Limited Editions of my work to keep it relatively exclusive as most pieces are restricted to an edition of between 10 and 20 at the most.

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'The Sunday Trusters''The Sunday Trusters'

A short video poem inspired by many memorable weekend visits to National Trust houses and gardens.