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Community Interpreting Basics

Community Interpreting Basics

Do you already work in the community, or are thinking about it? Or maybe you would like to explore interpreting as a career choice.

Our Community Interpreting Basics course is designed to help you learn the skills to become a community interpreter and be ale to offer support to those around you. It also provides an insight and demonstrates what is required of professional interpreters.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

Understand necessary formal requirements for becoming an interpreter (right to work, being self employed, DBS).
Understand the nature of a role and what a typical assignment might be with example scenarios.
Understand the skills required to become a successful interpreter including language register, consecutive interpreting, compiling a glossary.
Understand the responsibilities of an interpreter including impartiality, confidentiality, code of conduct.
Be able to efficiently take notes in a time-pressured environment

Only £15 admin fee for the full 5 session course.

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