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Debbie Attwell / Events / Sat 01 Oct 2022

The Electric Head (comedy improv)

The Electric Head (comedy improv)

The Electric Head (Al Ronald & Cy Henty) have been gaining critical acclaim for well-honed scripts for the best part of 15 years, but now they're throwing that all away and presenting entirely improvised long-form comedy plays fuelled by audience suggestions. Nobody knows what will happen, but with Al & Cy's unique brand of silliness, what could possibly go wrong?

Al & Cy have performed sellout shows at The Camden Fringe and The Pleasance Theatre among others. They have brought their improvisational performances to Watford Museum and The LP Cafe in the past, gaining a small cult following with their unique style of comedy.

Some feedback from audience members at their previous show at Watford Palace:

"Hilarious! Haven't laughed so much in ages. It was brilliant to be surrounded by laughter. I loved the dark humour."
"It was a true delight and I love watching performances like these, as it tests fantastic performers true creativity"
"Keep doing what you're doing, you had us hooked and falling around in our seats!"

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Watford Palace Theatre

20 Clarendon Rd, Watford
WD17 1JZ

Telephone: 01923 225 671

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