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Rosanna Mckenna / Ms

Rosanna Mckenna


I'm a Community organiser / Artist /Gardener working through ideas of permanent culture (permaculture) and common unity (Community) learning about engagement and best practices in the voluntary sector looking to build a .....Read more

Limited2Art / An Independent Art Gallery


An Independent Art Gallery

Established in 2004 Limited 2 Art, privately owned by Ruth Stone, has gone from strength to strength as it attracts a loyal following of art lovers who appreciate modern works from names such as two times winner ‘Best Se.....Read more

Jesmond Cat Designs / Illustration

Jesmond Cat Designs


Jesmond Cat Designs is the trading name of Chris Leaper, an illustrator based in the centre of Huddersfield. Chris uses traditional media to create colourful and quirky images and designs intended for the mass market e.g.....Read more

Theartofdavidsmith / Theartofdavidsmith



Doncaster born artist David has had a career as colourful as his art. From concept art to illustration, game design for Disney and Fox to tattoo design...Read more

J Howroyd / Jane Howroyd

J Howroyd

Jane Howroyd

As a workshop facilitator, I deliver creative, historical, textile, craft and food workshops to a variety of audiences including youth groups, schools, adults and family groups. I have worked with a range of universit.....Read more


Graham Earnshaw Photographer

Welcome. I am a dedicated Photographer based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire with many years experience in the field. I will turn my hand to anything that can be captured with the camera. I love the fact that representa.....Read more

Suse Nielebock / Artist

Suse Nielebock


Painting in a semi abstract almost graphical style, the aim of my art is not so much to accurately depict nature but more to provide a stage for one’s imagination. A jumping off point, if you will, to loosely guide the m.....Read more

In Good Voice - Jenny Goodman / Jenny Goodman - In Good Voice

In Good Voice - Jenny Goodman

Jenny Goodman - In Good Voice

Jenny Goodman is one of the most experienced community singing leaders in the UK. Since 1992 she has been running community choirs, workshops and singing projects across the UK and internationally. Jenny is committed to .....Read more

Sands Road Framing / Gallery / Sands Road Framing

Sands Road Framing / Gallery

Sands Road Framing

We are Picture Framers and Gallery. We specialise in custom frames, made on the premises, to make your item as unique as you are! We have a monthly 'Featured Art' space, that is open to local artists, to display your .....Read more

Caryl Beach / Artist

Caryl Beach


Biography and Artist Statement. Caryl’s current focus is time lapse video and photography.  time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole (Oxfor.....Read more

The Pottery / The Pottery

The Pottery

The Pottery

Our studio offers an exciting range of ceramic activities for all ages and levels in stunning surroundings. Creating Happy through clay and paint!..Read more

Rooks & Roses / Handmade Jewellery maker and Silversmith

Rooks & Roses

Handmade Jewellery maker and Silversmith

Karl Smith is a designer-maker skilled in a number of disciplines but at the moment, predominantly working in silver-smithery and jewellery-making. He likes to work organically, taking inspiration from the natural world .....Read more



Contemporary artist using mixed media, specialising in film and music icons ...Read more

Andrew Lucas / Artist

Andrew Lucas


I was born and grew up in the city of Salisbury and being surrounded by countryside and medieval architecture, my love of rural and urban spaces started from a young age. Art and drawing had always been very interesting .....Read more

Les Monaghan / Relative Poverty

Les Monaghan

Relative Poverty

I am interested in class, community, and representation. I make difficult photographs with people I represent often after long term engagement, listening and reflecting. Previously a press photographer schooled in unambi.....Read more

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