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Esther Wane Storyteller and Creative Coach

Esther Wane is a Storyteller and Creative Coach, guiding you as you step into your unique story and become the creative hero you are meant to be. She supports you in your growth as you heed your call to action, step out in faith with creativity to provide the world with the gifts only you can offer, and then return to share your inspiring story with others.

As a child, Esther was highly creative, immersed in a world full of stories; reading, writing and performing in every moment she could, dancing freely with her imagination. When she became an adult she put away the creativity of her childhood and picked up a successful career in an investment bank. While this gave her status and security, it did not bring satisfaction. Instead it brought shame and separation from herself and her creative journey.

After her daughter was born Esther was faced with the realisation that if she was going to teach her child to thrive, she would have to show her the way. So began Esther’s hero’s journey to listen for her call to action, take creativity’s offered hand, and step into her unique story.

Through developing her own creative practice she has become an award winning and in demand audiobook narrator with over 120 credits to her name, including Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series, Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” and Sarah Vaughan’s “Anatomy of a Scandal.” She has published her first novel, “The Way Home” and has a second book in the pipeline: “Be Your Own Hero: A Mindful Guide to Thriving in a Creative Life.”

Much of this has been made possible by employing the business leadership skills she developed as an Executive Director in finance as well as practicing positive psychology and mindfulness meditation. Esther has studied for a number of qualifications in these areas to better support her coaching clients and continues to invest in her professional development.

She lives in Hertfordshire with her family, including two unsurprisingly creative children and one nutty dog. When she isn’t reading or writing she can usually be found walking her hound; browsing in a bookshop; hanging out with her children; or discussing the joys and struggles of life with a friend.

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