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Procrastination is the enemy of art.

Procrastination is the enemy of art.

There's never enough time in our busy world to devote to the things we love doing.
Is that just me or you too?

Art gets put on the back burner every single day. And the days turn to weeks and then months (sometimes even years!) How sad is it, that for so many of us, the yearning to create art is stifled or marginalised because of it's perceived worth in the world? Or because we don't have the time. Or the resources. Nearly everything is more important.

So if you are reading this and resonating with it, I challenge you to put yourself and your art FIRST today. Carve out half an hour where you turn the phone off, lock the door and create. It doesn't have to be incredible. Just something to take you out of all the thinking, into the actual doing.

Are you doing it now? Later this afternoon? Tonight?

When your half an hour is up, recognise how it made you feel.
Did the process give you joy?
I'm really interested in your feedback. :)

Hopefully a small half hour of you time can revitalise your commitment to yourself and to your art. Because if you don't do it now...when ARE you going to find time to do it?

You deserve that half hour. Go get it.

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