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Hardynge Choir / Events / Fri 25 Sep 2020

Our Fair Ladies

Our Fair Ladies

An attractive programme exploring Hertfordshire’s musical and literary heritage.
Excerpts from My Fair Lady
Works by Elizabeth Poston and Joanna Forbes-L’Estrange
Richard Sisson - The Wicked Lady.

Conducted by Rufus Frowde.

This concert starts at 7:30pm.
Tickets: £13, Students £7, under 16 free (ticket required)

For more information visit http://www.hardyngechoir.org/future-concerts.html

Event Location

St John's Church Lemsford Village

Brocket Road,

Telephone: 0845 475 1664
Email: tickets@hardyngechoir.org
Website: http://www.hardyngechoir.org/future-concerts.html

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