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A Creative Opportunity for Local Artists

A Creative Opportunity for Local Artists

Herts Visual Arts Forum is thrilled to announce that its 2024 membership is now open to individuals who are passionate about enjoying and/or creating art. HVAF is THE arts-based community in the county and already boasts over 320 members working in or enjoying a rich variety of media.

With inclusivity as its theme for 2024, HVAF is enthusiastic about welcoming a wide range of people who love art to get involved.

Members include amateur and professional creatives, arts-based students and art lovers from across Herts.

This innovative, not-for-profit community aims to empower and inspire members with:
• Their own online gallery to showcase their work.
• Members’ events throughout the year to exhibit, learn from and meet other artists.
• Social media to raise their profile.
• Advice and support to nurture their talent.

HVAF members say that they value being able to “engage with a community of artists and exchange knowledge” and that “as an HVA member, being an artist is not a lonely experience and gives lots of opportunities.”

“As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we want all artists to be able to participate fully and be recognised in the artistic community, regardless of backgrounds, identities, or perspectives,” says Sally Taylor, chair of HVAF. “Joining in early 2024 gives new members access to our exhibitions and networking opportunities throughout the year. We are excited to welcome as many new members as possible and love meeting like-minded artistic people.”

Do you love art? Being part of HVAF is a fantastic way of enjoying art and exploring events. Join HVAF by 31 March, and you can enjoy up to 15 months of membership for the price of 12 months (just £45).

Find out more by visiting HVAF’s website: www.havf.org.uk/membership

For more information visit https://www.hvaf.org.uk/membership

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