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Holmfirth Arts Festival / News / Tue 01 Mar 2022

Artists with link to Holme Valley can apply for commission

Artists with link to Holme Valley can apply for commission

YOUNG and emergent artists with a link to the Holme Valley are being encouraged to apply for a commission to perform or display at Holmfirth Arts Festival 2022.
It is the second year of the Steve Sykes Memorial Commission, set up in memory of much loved and inspirational chairman of the festival Steve Sykes, who died suddenly in 2020.
Musician Steve, from Holmfirth, steered the organisation with drive, imagination and humour with his calm, inclusive leadership inspiring a large group of volunteers.
Now festival organisers are seeking to commission a new piece of art that responds to the people and places of the Holme Valley.
The art form can be performing arts such as music, theatre, dance or drama or visual arts including installation and multi-media.
It is open to young and emergent artists either based in or with clear connections through work of family to the Holme Valley.
Festival director Bev Adams said: “We have no fixed idea of the genre of art that will be produced, but it needs to be appropriate and accessible for a wide ranging and diverse audience to include young people, older people and people with protected characteristics.

“We are seeking a presentation of this work that, if performative, will be between 30 minutes and 1 hour in length. Durational and installation work is also acceptable. We will also consider existing new works that have not previously been publicly performed.”

The commission is open to solo artists and collaborating ensembles.
The commissioned artists may use audio visual aids or other performance genres as part of the performance, within the offered commission fee.

The commission will include one performance/installation of the new piece at Holmfirth Arts Festival at date/s to be agreed between 16 and 19 June 2022 at a location chosen by the winner.

Details about the festival are the be announced soon.

The £2,000 commission will include support from experienced producers with planning and technical presentation at the event.
The closing date to apply is midnight on Sunday 13 March.

More details and how to apply at: https://www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/stevesykesmemorialcommission2022

For more information visit https://www.holmfirthartsfestival.co.uk/stevesykesmemorialcommission2022

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