John Richard Hewitt

John Richard Hewitt Fine Artist

I am a resident artist at Amanartis, Watford and have lived in Costa Rica, the United States and Jordan before Watford became my home. I work in oils and now paint in a variety of styles.

I paint religious and spiritual works, portraiture - including passionate portraits from imagination using just my fingers - as well as more considered surreal, figurative art with hints of cubism. I am also gradually including more abstract work.

My art is always authentic and hopes to draw deep, positive feelings from the viewer allowing them to become part of the artwork. My goal now is to inspire in others the higher, positive emotions without necessarily having to rely on form, and so to make these elevated, joyous and free emotions accessible and available to everyone.

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@Amanartis, Watford.

John Richard Hewitt Fine Art
The Chapel
Vicarage Road Cemetery
Vicarage Road
WD18 0EJ
WD18 0EJ

Telephone: 07983 030 260

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