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John Richard Hewitt Fine Artist

Born in Exeter, UK, John Richard Hewitt has explored different creative directions and different landscapes; from the jungles of Costa Rica to the plains of the US, to the park benches of London and to the excitement of Jordan, before establishing himself as an artist in Watford.

John has studied classical Arabic, worked in a 24 hour diner, drove film director Ridley Scott on set, taught and performed flamenco guitar, worked in wildlife rescue and much more

Working exclusively in oils, John has painted in a variety of styles over the course of his career including passionate portraits from imagination using just his fingers, more classical portraiture and religious and spiritual works as well as cubism. His creative journey has now taken him to an abstract world of feelings and emotions that transcend identification.

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@Amanartis, Watford.

John Richard Hewitt Fine Art
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Vicarage Road Cemetery
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