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The Abundant Heart

The Abundant Heart

I am often asked, 'what does it mean?' when someone looks at one of my paintings. I always say, 'you tell me'. When I first began to paint it was because I needed to tell my story. The music wasn't enough anymore and I had run out of words. I then had to paint what I had experienced and, at times, am still experiencing. Then a shift. I don't know exactly when or how but suddenly things were 'different'. I was still feeling the intensity of life at times but something had changed.

My definitions around faith had dissolved and the resulting salt, after the alchemical fire, was now indefinable. This has extended to definitions of self, and naturally my art also transformed. Now, it's not about my story, though I am always willing to share. The focus now is on the viewer. My hope is to create an atmosphere and to promote an emotional response that invites the viewer to their own ideas of 'joy', 'peace', 'calm', 'inspiration', 'healing' and more.

My portraits would tell the viewer what's going on. Now, my art is an invitation to an undefined abstract landscape where the viewer can experience the limitlessness of their own self.

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