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After graduating from a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts I was awarded a five year fellowship with Digswell Arts Trust where I had a studio and work in a community of artists. I enjoyed my time at the trust so much that when I was invited to join the board of trustee I jumped at the opportunity. I have worked on various projects with schools, colleges and the local university with some fantastic artists of international reputation. I continue to examine and explore my own artic skills while exhibiting across England and into Europe.

Artists Statement:
There are dimensions of reality missed by human perception, for the quantity of information absorbed by our senses and carefully edited, like the our brains allow us only a limited proportion of this information which is usually corrupted via the processing method.

My work is an on going assimilation of complex scientific/mathematical theories into a visual world. My early work began by utilising objects which human use as tools to carry us through our individual journeys and exploring how we attributed a personal attachment even a persona to these inanimate objects. This led my work into the realm of science and philosophy searching for an understanding of the world I perceived and relentlessly pushing my ability to express the constant flux of living.

I experiment with ideas of movement through repartition and layering of imagery but also generating textures within the oil paints through unconventional applications of paint to the canvas. This in return has developed into more complex paintings which evolve spontaneously and capture the constant flux of change we all need to live which is beyond our control. Each painting is accompanied by its own palette used to form the work and I see it as the works birth certificate/documentation of the process which bore the birth of the work.

My paintings have becoming increasing more complex over the year and also ask not only how does space and time effect objects but also the area in-between objects. The point of travel and animation in life is vital to our understanding and existence within reality, without movement and the space to move within there would be nothing yet our lack of understanding as to what this actually is contributes to a mystery no-one has solved. The paintings/pastels/drawings have no answer to this question but pose scientific and spiritual responses by various individuals. The possibilities and ideas of time and space continues to evolve and grow - forever changing into a wonderful source of exploration for artists.

My work has now started to assimilate human form, exploring gentle movement which holds and exaggerates human moods and emotions. Experimenting with multiple light sources and playing with depth/texture of paint by mixing various different bodies to the paint.

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