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Once upon a time there was a little girl who used to spend her days drawing pictures, tracing lettering and designing make-believe worlds. She did well at school, but she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. After trying out managing a bar, and sail making, sailing across the Atlantic to far distant lands and back, she realised that she could do what she loved as a job... and after she travelled to the University of Plymouth and spent 3 years there, she started her own freelance business - from then on she lived happily ever after...

I am now a freelance graphic designer with a love of typography and lettering. I work on both paper and the computer, and love to experiment with different media and techniques. I used letterpress at University and loved it so much I am now working on my own press. I have also played around with medium format photography as well as digital, playing with different lenses, filters and cameras. I have worked with small local businesses, county-wide organisations, and individuals, and like to take on a challenge! I have worked in collaboration with a few different people, and I’m always happy to try new techniques and media.

If I’m not designing, I’m sailing - living by the sea makes this easier, and throughout the summer I can be found on the water or in the bar enjoying the “apres-sailing” atmosphere... I’m also involved in the committee helping with the communications and advertising. I also enjoy running and climbing, and will be taking part in the London Marathon 2013 raising money for Tommys. I like to go running and clear my head and find it a good way of staying creative and to mull over ideas. As I can sometimes spend a long time sat at a computer, it’s good to get out and about and get some exercise!

I am also a huge geek, and love reading, podcasts, films and TV - I am partial to a bit of sci-fi... and can usually be found with a macbook on my lap or a phone in my hand. I love gadgets!

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