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FREE Art expression for wellbeing and recovery seminar

FREE Art expression for wellbeing and recovery seminar

Art expression for mental wellbeing

This seminar explores making visual art and mark making for expression, communication and to aid wellbeing and recovery. You will hear a student’s personal story and how art helps in times of personal mental health challenge and how it continues to support on-going recovery.

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10:00 – 10:45

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Free course about getting comfortable with Zoom
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Using a notepad/paper and a pen during the session
Using a PC, tablet or any mobile device to access Zoom via the link in the email. If you are using a tablet or phone, you may need to download the Zoom app.
Using the link 5-10 minutes before the course is due to start to ensure that Zoom is working. Once you have logged in, you will be sent to a waiting room, where the tutor will acknowledge you and let you in to the main room. Please refer to the Zoom guide that will be sent in the confirmation email.
Reading our Zoom guide for more information about how to make the most out of the session and for technical support
For everyone’s safety, please ensure your display name on Zoom matches the name used to register for the course. You can watch this video on how to change your name on your PC, tablet or mobile device ahead of the course. Tutors are unable to accept anyone on the course whose name does not match the list of attendees and for ease of access, we would advise all students to do this before the course is due to start.

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