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Groove in the Roots Video

Savour the Flavour Puppet Show is based on the artistic components of TrimTots - a healthy lifestyle programme for preschool children. Trim Town and its characters were co-developed by a team of experts from UCL Institute of Child Health and the team at Nysa. Nysa worked in collaboration with UCL to create stage sets, puppets and songs, based on this imaginary world. The show is a natural progression from this successful collaboration fusing the worlds of art and science.

The show opens as Touchy arrives on Planet Munch lacking in energy and in need of balanced nutrition. Touchy arrives through the Positivitree (a tree for inspiration, resolution and solution) where he meets Broccoli (Brocc). The two have alot to learn from each other and our lead characters embark on a musical adventure on the quest for lunch. A cooking lesson at the Golden Delicious Cafe with Aunty Apple ensues after dancing with Chick Pea at the Pulse Dance Studio, swimming with Omega Always the mesmerizing mermaid and gathering fruit with Peachy in the Orchard. Touchy provides much needed creative support for Brocc as he prepares for his big audition and new career move. Finally we relax to the dreamy sounds of Butternut Posh and Ronny Radish at the Five-a-day jazz club before Touchy returns to his Planet.

The Puppet Show lasts 50 minutes and the lead in art workshop 45 minutes. The show could be delivered with or without a lead-in art workshop depending on venue requirements we could also deliver a puppet meet and greet session after performance.

We are currently programming a tour for the puppet show and looking for possible venues who may be interested in hosting a performance. If you are interested please get in touch.

For more information visit http://www.nysa.co.uk/

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