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OpenView Education / Events / Wed 11 Mar 2020 to Sat 11 Mar 2023 (3 years)

Anti-Bullying Workshops and Shows for Schools

Anti-Bullying Workshops and Shows for Schools

OpenView Education are offering interactive anti-bullying workshops to primary schools nationwide. The workshops explore how bullying can start and progress within a social group.

Your students will get up on their feet and rehearse specific skills for responding appropriately to bullying situations. Through rehearsing new behaviours, students will explore their power to be assertive in a calm and confident way.

The focus of this anti-bullying workshop is to equip students with the skills to deal with bullying situations and to support other primary school students who may be experiencing bullying. This is a high energy, interactive anti-bullying workshop for primary schools, ideal for creating a powerful learning experience for your students in Anti-Bullying Week.

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The workshops are offered nationwide, please get in touch for further details on how to book:
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