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My photographic interests lie within the sphere of architecture and cityscape, which draws me to travel and explore the complex and rich developments of places and their cultural influences. Lately I worked in Italy and had the opportunity to record aspects of classical architecture, from Renaissance to Baroque. I was captured by the achievements and values of the great architects, and the way established rules of composition are re-defined and refined in search for a new and often radical architectural and visual language.
I frequently visit Berlin, a place that has grown on me over the years. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of contemporary and historical architecture, buildings that bear witness to the political past and cultural inheritance, and at the same time project a vibrant view of the present and future. As well as developing my own work I enjoy undertaking projects for clients. Recently I created a portfolio on poster-art for display, and was commissioned a series of images on Churches of Devon.

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vintage cafe / Tue 09 Oct 2012

I am presently undertaking two personal projects, within my photography portfolio: (A) Vintage coffee, utensils, that are not made any more. i.e.; ...