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The House at the End of Empire

The House at the End of Empire

Scratch performance of a new play by Andrew Sharpe

Maddy: Sarah Priddy.
Wally: Tim Nixon.
Sophie: Maisie Armah.
Director: Alex Williams.
Wally, a former NCO and disgraced politician, has retreated to his family home on the coast and is living out his last years in bitterness and regret. He reluctantly gives sanctuary to his long estranged daughter, Maddy, the author of his misfortune, herself fleeing an abusive relationship, together with his granddaughter Sophie.

The play explores subconscious racial prejudice over three generations of one family, challenging the blunt denial and exposing the ‘white male frailty’ of this archetypal grumpy granddad. The performance will be followed by a discussion, facilitated by Alex Williams.

The Pump House Theatre are very kindly supporting this project by funding our use of the space as part of their Cultural Hub. We in turn are delighted to link and support their Raise the Roof fundraising campaign.

Tickets £5 on the door.

For more information visit https://www.pumphouse.info/

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