Rebecca Benford / Events / Thu 11 Mar to Sat 31 Jul 2021 (5 months)



The last year has been difficult for most people and devastatingly hard for many more, and many of us hold onto the hope that we will reawaken from this present life into a brighter future.

Three Rivers Museum is collecting material about your experiences so that we can both mark this time in history for future generations and express the hopes and dreams of people going forward. With your permission, the material will also be used in a creative way in an exhibition and to inspire a piece of dance.

Please send us your contributions in any way you wish - written memories or diaries, videos, audio files, screenshots of your social media posts, photos, artwork, poems, significant objects. Your material would only be used for public display with your permission.

Please spread the word to anyone who has a connection with Three Rivers and send your contributions to

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