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Up-cycling deck chair competition

We received an email from Tahera at the Marketing - Brand Awareness department off the Ocean Finance Group (A large UK Credit card Company); here's an excerpt:

"I am currently in the process of setting up a campaign to show how you can up-cycle everyday items to raise money, reduce waste, and/or get the perfect item, in a style you like for your home, without breaking the bank!

I came across your site in my initial research to see who would be interested, and having a look around, I can see you have up-cycled many things!

Would you be interested in taking part in our campaign?

We will send you a garden chair, and a voucher to a local crafts shop. You need to work your magic on the chair......"

Gratefully accepting this opportunity we immediately began planning ways to involve as many of our Team as possible; to come up with a project that would be very "On Trend" in the typical RECOVER way - that is everything by hand, one of a kind and with attention to all the fine details. We decided to go one step beyond and in addition to still shots of the work in progress Jon our youngest Team member also produced a time lapse video - condensing and speeding up 2 days work in to a few minutes - enjoy!!

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