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Olympic 2012 Recycled Turbo Project - Uni of Hertfordshire

Olympic 2012 Recycled Turbo Project - Uni of Hertfordshire

As a legacy of the Olympic Games, the Torch Relay and the Paralympic Flame coming to St Albans, we worked with the BA Applied Arts 2nd year students at the University of Hertfordshire, to create exciting artwork with the official Olympic materials.

They transformed the kilometres of 2012 branded bunting into innovative structures, by 100% recycling and focusing on the memories and inspiration of the Olympics.

Prizes were awarded for the best two pieces produced, with the winner, Aisyah creating a stunning bag using the black banner material, and embellished with reflections of the Olympic cauldron.

An exhibition to display all the students' work will be held in May and June, with venues to be decided in St Albans.

Watch this space to check out the timings and locations .................!

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