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Sarah Core Arts Ceramic artist

Sarah works with the physical, mindful and repetitive process of making in clay, building expressions of internal narratives and responses to the lived experience. Her work emerges as highly textured and vibrantly decorated sculptures and tableware.

"There is a preoccupation in my work with the immanence of the feminine and the results, or lessons, of that experience. Each piece is a meditation on this emergent experience."

She began making following a life-threatening accident. Her recovery was both an internal and external one, integrating the two to reach wholeness. She was introduced to the practice of meditation which continues to be a daily practice of internal observation and stillness.

Throwing on the Leach Wheel is a deeply physical and repetitive process, which works as a vehicle to express her relationship with the domestic realm. Her figurative work emerges through a process of mindful touch and exploration, where the outcome is not known. She believes the ceramics that result to be embodiments of archetypes from her internal narrative, given reach through making.

Sarah has exhibited at Pangolin London, at the Red Gallery, the Brick Lane Gallery, the Nude Tin Can Gallery, the London Design Festival, with the Society of Designer Craftsmen and in a solo show in their Shoreditch Gallery.

She shows her work at specialist ceramics and art exhibitions. Her work is also available direct from my studio (by appointment please). Please call or email to arrange a visit.

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Sarah Core Arts

Studio visits welcome, by appointment. Please call or email.
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Telephone: 07812 851 396

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